The Basics of Cyclo-cross Racing

If you are in Wales, or are planning to visit at some point, then you should purpose to participate in the cyclo-cross event. It is one of the most popular activities to do in the UK. Even though it is a very competitive sport, cyclo-cross is considered to be one of the most accessible sports and it has different categories. There is a category for under 12 and even for people who are above 50.

What is Cyclo-cross?

This is a form of bike racing that is sometimes called CX. The races are always organised during the autumn or winter months. The sport involves people racing through pavements, steep hills, dirt roads and different types of terrain. When the racers reach a barrier, they are supposed to carry their bikes to navigate the barrier and then remount. The races last from between 30 minutes to one hour and the distance is always determined by the kind f ground conditions.

Bicycles Used for Cyclo-cross Racing

The bicycles used for cyclo-cross racing are similar to the ones that are used for road racing. Some of the defining features are that the bikes are lightweight since the racers have to lift them and carry them in a lot of instances. The tyres are narrow and the handlebars tend to be lower. The gear is also placed in a low position and the frames are also made to be stronger and sturdier due to the fact that the bikes are used in rough terrains.

The routing of the brakes is also different because the right brake is often used as the front brake. This design allows the rider to use the left hand to control speed when they are heading towards an obstacle where they will have to carry the bike. For professional bicycles, there are tubular tyres to reduce chances of pinch flats and to lower chances of rolling resistance.

What is Needed for Cyclo-cross Racing

This form of racing focuses on endurance and bike handling skills of the rider. The focus is not so much on drafting (where the cyclists go on a line and the lead cyclist peddles harder to counter wind resistance for other riders) as it is on other road races.

Cyclo-cross also allows riders to change bicycles and they can also reach out for mechanical support in the course of the race.

  • Clothing:

The clothing used in this kind of race is the same as the one used in road racing. The difference comes in the sense that there is a lot of emphasis put on keeping warm for cyclo-cross racing because the events are always held during the winter and autumn season.

The shirt is always long-sleeved and the bottom is leg warmers. Most of the riders, however, prefer to wear a one-piece form of clothing to make movement easier. For shoes, mountain bike shoes are always the preferred choice because this race allows the riders to dismount the bikes and run. The shoes also have toe spikes so that the runners can easily sail through muddy and slippery ground. Most riders also wear gloves for a better grip.