Techniques to Make You a Better Cyclo-Cross Cyclist

Cyclo-cross racing is one of the famous events in Wales with a massive following, as it is a family-friendly activity packed with fun for all ages. Since cyclo-cross racing incorporates different surfaces covering a mile or so, it is good to have a few techniques up your sleeve to help you survive through a series of twisted turns, mud, sand and gravel which make the racing exciting. Whether you are a rookie or a veteran, the following skills will come in handy once you are out there, trying to figure out how to conquer the hurdle ahead of you.

Unrideable Terrain

There are many unrideable terrains in cyclo-crossing. To get yourself out of this hurdle, porterage is your best bet. You will need to dismount and run while carrying your bike. This isn’t as hard as it sounds, once you know how to position your hands while lifting up the bike up to your shoulder; you will have dealt with this dilemma before you even know it. To stop the wheels from flapping around while carrying the bike, make sure your right hand is firmly on the left-hand side of the bars. Ensure you hold it from underneath the down tube.

Going Uphill

This is one of the best ways to improve your cycling fitness. You will need to find a flight of about 10 to 15 metres long. Ride up the flight hard and fast, dismount and lift up the bike to your shoulder. Walk back down and repeat.

Bunny Hops

This is a great skill for any cyclo-cross cyclist. You will need to practice a lot to get a perfect bunny hop. Place a stick on the ground, roll towards it at five miles per hour. Once you get near, stand up on the pedals, rock backwards and bend your knees to lift the front wheel. Jump up and push the bars away from you as you roll your wrists to lift the back of the bike up.

Negotiating a Corner

Set up a square of about 30 by 30 metres. Ride around it as fast and as hard as you can for about five minutes. Take a two-minute rest and repeat in the opposite direction and while at it, ensure you connect with your bike well. Understand the braking and the gears system, as these two play a big role when you are racing through corners.

Cyclo-cross bikes are sturdy but very versatile; ensure you familiarise yourself with yours before embarking on a race. Cyclo-cross is generally an autumn and winter sport; brace yourself for cold and very muddy conditions. Races take between 30 minutes and one hour. If you aren’t a member of a cycling club, find a local event and go and have fun.