Popular Cyclo-Cross Races

Cyclo-cross races are a type of bicycle racing sport which is unique in a way. What makes it special is that there are obstructions, such as wooden trails, which force the cyclist to alight from the bike and carry it over the obstacles, and it takes about an hour. Some of the famous races include the following.

1. UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships

This is a cyclo-cross race which is usually organised by the Union Cycliste Internationale, hence the name UCI. From the beginning of 2016, five events have been organised. They comprise women’s elite, men’s elite, men’s under 23, men’s under 18 and the women’s under 23. The winner is awarded a rainbow jersey and a gold medal.

2. UCI Cyclo-Cross World Cup

The Cyclo-Cross World Cup is also organised by the Union Cycliste Internationale. It is a season-long competition whose first edition was held during the 1993/1994 season. It has four categories, namely elite women, elite men, under 23 men and the junior men category. It was first won by Paul Herygers.

3. Cyclo-Cross Superprestige

This cyclo-cross race takes a season and usually consists of eight rounds. The competition is played in two locations; the Netherlands and Belgium. The season runs from October to January. Its first-ever edition was held in 1993. It was won by Hennie Stamsnijder. The races are organised by trade teams.

4. DVV Trophy

Based in Belgium, the DVV cyclo-cross race is usually organised by an insurance company known as DVV Verzekeringen. The DVV series first edition was held in 1987, and since then there have been 32 races. The first was won by Rudy De Bie.

5. Cyclo-Cross Crusade

The Portland-based cyclo-cross series is presently in its 25th season. It is run from October to November for eight weeks. The first Cyclo-Cross Crusade was in 1993, and in 2005, it was the most significant series of its kind in the United States.

6. National Cyclo-Cross Championships

This is a British cyclo-cross event which is held on an annual basis. Winners of the competition are awarded a white cycling jersey which has red and blue stripes.

When you want to participate in a cyclo-cross race, you should read reviews concerning the sport before you join, for you to understand it better. You can do this by going through the competition’s website. It is the same as reading reviews about casinos before you join them.