How To Choose The Right Gear For A Cyclo-cross Event

Cyclo-cross Racing is one of the most exciting biking activities in Wales. If you are an ardent biker used to road biking, you may find cyclo-cross racing more of a challenge. However, just like all other biking activities, the right gear goes a long way in ensuring that you bike safely and improve your chances of winning the course. Here are some tips on which gear you need and how to choose the best one.

1. Helmet

All biking events require that you have a helmet. For cyclo-cross racing, however, the helmet has to be heavy duty. Consider hard plastic with some warming features inside of it. Hard plastic because the terrain you will be biking on is tough and will change from time to time. The warming features could include a cotton lining inside to keep your head warm. Cyclo-cross occurs during the colder months of the year and something warm for your head comes in handy.

2. Biking Suit

The biking suit you will use for such a biking event does not vary much from the regular biking gear. However, just as with the helmet, the emphasis is on warmth because of the weather. Like playing a game of Bingo, making the right choice is important. For the most part, a long sleeved top is a welcome idea coupled up with some leg warmers. For the shoes, regular mountain bike shoes work well although if you can have more prominent spikes, this will help you manoeuvre with ease on different terrains.

3. A Cyclo-cross Bike

As you would expect, the bike you will use for a cyclo-cross event will be different from a regular bike. You need something lightweight that you can carry at different points of the biking course. Additionally, the steering bar works well if lower than usual to help you with speed and navigation. Thin durable tyres add to your ease of navigation.