Cyclo-Cross in Wales

Cyclo-cross is a kind of bike racing, which typically involves the participants doing many laps around a short course. The course features pavements, grass, steep hills, wooded trails, and various obstacles that make the race quite challenging. Participants need superb fitness, excellent skills, and bike control to get through the race. The nature of the course might differ for each racing event, which means that the difficulty levels also vary.

History of Cyclo-Cross Riding

The history of the sport dates back to the early 1900s. Daniel Gousseau, a French soldier, is said to have invented the sport. The soldier used to ride over obstacles and on rough terrains as part of military training. Soon, other road riders began doing the same, and cyclo-cross riding competitions began. Road racers started to participate in the sport as a way of maintaining physical fitness after the road racing events were over.


Cyclo-cross events usually take place throughout the entire year in Wales. However, the season usually peaks from October to January. Road biking activities during those months are usually quite minimal due to the weather conditions and decrease in daylight. Traditionally the road riders switch to cyclo-cross. Due to the timing of the season, you can expect the worst weather for a majority of the cyclo-cross events. Rain, wind, ice, snow, freezing temperatures, and mud pits are all part of it. That is why the sport is said to be for only the tough.

Which Bikes Are Used for Cyclo-Cross?

The bikes used for cyclo-cross have many similarities to road bikes, regarding the drop bars and frames. However, the tyres fitted on them are knobbly, which helps to improve the grip for a gloopy and bumpy surface. The frames are lightweight to make handling easier and allow for more speed. The bikes also have extra brake levers to improve off-road control.

Right Clothing for Cyclo-Cross

The clothing used for cyclo-cross racing is almost similar to road racing clothing. However, an emphasis is put towards warmer clothes because events are usually held in cold weather conditions. For that reason, most racers include tights, leg and arm warmers, and knickers, in addition to the racing kits. The riders can choose between a one-piece and two-piece skinsuit, depending on their preferences. The skinsuits minimise the chances of the jersey being caught on tree branches or other obstacles.

Benefits of Cyclo-Cross

Among the main benefits of cyclo-cross is that it gets bikers to experience something different from what they do all year round. It is an opportunity to meet a new group of cycling enthusiasts and experience a different pace of biking. It also helps to maintain physical fitness during the cold months, where cyclists would otherwise be hibernating. For amateurs, cyclo-cross can help you improve your bike handling skills. Above everything else, cyclo-cross racing is fun.